• Produced from three layered co-extruded film for superior bursting strength, power and tear resistant and moisture proof.

  • Available in multiple sizes and colors according to the requirements of your client

  • The surface of the material is suitable for writing and label sticking

  • Anti-static metallic liner for safety & comfort

  • Tamper resistant

  • Very light weight. Saves money on shipping

Stock Sizes:
PM1 6"x"9
PM2 7.5"x10.5"
PM3 9"x12"
PM4 10"x13"
PM5 12"x15.5"
PM6 14.5"x19"
PM7 19"x24"
PM8 24"x24"


​Mailer has two self-adhesive strips. Second adhesive strip to return the unwanted item using the same mailer.

  • 2.4 Mil heavy duty flat poly mailer

  • Anti-static metallic liner for safety & comfort

  • Ideal for apparel or any other non-fragile shipments

  • Puncture resistant, tamper and water proof

Stock Sizes:
RPM1 7.5"x10"
RPM2 9"x12"
RPM3 12"x15.5"
RPM4 14"x17"
RPM7 19"x24"


Expanded bottom poly mailer gives extra room for bulky items or multiple item shipment in one package.

  • 2.4 Mil heavy duty flat poly mailer with 2", 4" and 5" expandable bottom

  • Anti-static metallic liner for safety & comfort

  • Ideal for bulky apparel, books and purses

  • Puncture resistant, tamper and water proof

Stock Sizes:
GPM1 10"x13" w/ 2" Bottom Gusset
GPM2 11"x13" w/ 4" Bottom Gusset
GPM3 13"x16" w/ 4" Bottom Gusset
GPM4 15"x20" w/ 4" Bottom Gusset
GPM5 20"x24" w/ 4" Bottom Gusset

GPM6 26"x28" w/ 5" Bottom Gusset

GPM7 30"x36" w/ 5" Bottom Gusset

  • Low Cost Custom Printed Poly Mailers

As the e-commerce market heats up, so has the competition for brand awareness.
Custom printed poly mailer bags deliver a brand impression to the end customer while carrying the purchase safely to its destination.

These poly bubble mailers answer the needs of today’s online retailers. Easier and cheaper to expedite than boxes, Bravo Pack manufactures an e-commerce mailing solution that is extremely light in shipping weight, yet tough: Tear-proof and moisture resistant.

For online retailers the name of the game is consumer retention. At the point of final delivery, on the customer’s doorstep, a retailer’s logo on a custom poly bubble mailer could be the link to the next sale.
With our new technology Bravo Pack can customize and print up to 10 colors with 25% - 50% - 100% Coverage.


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