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Low Cost Custom Printed Poly Mailers

As the e-commerce market heats up, so has the competition for brand awareness. Custom printed poly mailer bags deliver a brand impression to the end customer while carrying the purchase safely to its destination.

These poly bubble mailers answer the needs of today’s online retailers. Easier and cheaper to expedite than boxes, Bravo Pack manufactures an e-commerce mailing solution that is extremely light in shipping weight, yet tough: Tear-proof and moisture resistant.

For online retailers the name of the game is consumer retention. At the point of final delivery, on the customer’s doorstep, a retailer’s logo on a custom poly bubble mailer could be the link to the next sale. With our new technology Bravo Pack can customize and print up to 4 colors with 25% - 50% - 100% Coverage.

In order to ensure best pricing for you and your customer these are the minimums per size per order:

PM1 6"x9" - 252,000 pcs

PM2 7.5"x10.5" - 180,000 pcs

PM3 9"x12" - 144,000 pcs

PM4 10"x13" - 120,000 pcs

PM5 12"x15.5" - 78,000 pcs

PM6 14.5"x19" - 54,000 pcs

PM7 19"x24" - 28,800 pcs

PM8 24"x24" - 27,000 pcs

Plate charges will vary on color quantity and coverage.

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