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Way Cool.... Introducing Our New Thermal Insulated Bubble Mailers

Dedicated to the visionaries in the food and pharma industries who are embracing the potential of e-commerce, Bravo Pack brings a cost-effective answer to their biggest challenge: temperature stabilization. Offered in two variations, these Bravo Pack Thermal Insulated Bubble Mailers deliver thermal insulation, product protection and ease of fulfillment.

The regular metallic thermal bubble mailers are designed

to provide stabilization against moderate conditions.

The Deluxe Metallic Thermal Insulated Bubble Mailer is manufactured

with extra layer of film, to help maintain product coolness

against more challenging factors.

Both versions feature a 3/16” bubble height, and as with all

Bravo Pack mailers, have been repeatedly tested against the

rigors of transit.

We strongly encourage users to chill products as low a temperature as possible before packing. Not sure which thermal bubble mailer is right for you? We will gladly provide samples so that you can perform your own trials that anticipate the particularities of your product and environments.

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