The Ultimate 5/16" Poly Bubble Mailers

Replace your cartons with our new

money saving alternative

  • 5/16" Bubble - big and strong bubble with lots of cushioning

  • Water resistant and tear proof, strong self-seal

  • Weighs less than cartons - save money on postage

  • Eliminate tape and additional labor used on packing boxes

  • Available in 7 sizes. Ask your rep for special custom sizes. 

Stock Sizes:
#1 7.25"x12" usable 7.25"x11" 

#2 8.5"x12" usable 8.5"x11"
#3 8.5"x14.5" usable 8.5"x13"
#4 9.5"x14.5" usable 9.5"x13"
#5 10.5"x16" usable 10.5x15"
#6 12.5"x19" usable 12.5x18"
#7 14.25"x20" usable 14.25"x19"