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Super Self-Seal Bubble Bags!

Starting this month Bravo Pack is manufacturing High-Quality super strong self-seal bubble pouches. We want to bring convenience to our wholesale clients. As part of "One Stop Shop" effort program we've promised that every 4-8 weeks we'll be adding a new product to our inventory.

There are more than 15 various sizes of bubble out bags in the inventory right now with 3/16" and 1/8" bubble thicknesses. And this is not the limit. We give our clients anti-static self-seal option to pack your electronic goods and other fragile items. Easy self-seal liner and strong bubble helps to prevent your products from scratches or damages during transportation. Ability to make bubble from the scratch gives us a great opportunity to customize bubble bag's color, size and give your customer entire new experience.

Start working with Bravo Pack today. Together we will build the road to success.

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