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Exciting News! Private Labeling Of Kraft Bubble Mailers is now Cheaper than Ever!

One of our main goals is to provide value for each product we manufacture. Now Bravo Pack can provide you with the low cost custom printed bubble mailers with low minimums and short lead times.

In today's competitive environment it is important to stand out among other businesses. Private labeling is one of the best solutions however most of the time companies just don't have enough budget for it. That's why Bravo Pack as always comes up with cheap and cost effective solutions for custom printing of bubble envelopes.

  • Improve your customer's loyalty by providing them value and low cost private labeling

  • Add extra margin for providing higher value to your product

  • Start branding yourself and start being recognized

Here’s how it works:

KBM000-KBM5 – min 100 cases per size

KBM6-KBM7 – min 150 cases per size

Cost: extra 1-2 cents per mailer

Plate charge: $100 (one time fee)

Artwork requirements: PDF format with actual size

Printing type: random

Maximum image height: 1.5”

Available Colors: Black, Red, Blue

Lead time: two weeks


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