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Are you ready for UPS & FedEx Dimensional Weight Pricing Increase? Yes, we are with our New Ulti

Replace Boxes with Bravo Pack's New Money Saving Environmentally Friendly Alternative.

As part of our ongoing effort to help our clients to save big bucks we announce a new product "box alternative":

100% Recyclable Big Bubble Poly Bubble Mailer. It is the same tear and water resistant Poly Bubble Mailer but with large 5/16" bubble. Larger bubble provides extra cushioning and protection to your product. It weighs less than cartons which will help you save money on postage. You will also spend less by excluding tape and additional labor you use on packing boxes.

Green advantage: Decrease carbon footprint by switching from boxes to mailers. 1 pound of plastic mailers takes 91% less energy to recycle than pound of paper. Corrugated boxes uses 23 times more energy and produces 6 times more CO2 than Bubble Mailers.

Source: Juerg,”Plastic bags and plastic bottles – CO2 emissions during their lifetime”, Time for Change. Retrieved from“Lifecycle Environmental Impact”, Environmental Paper Network. Retrieved from http://c.environmentalpaper.orgNolan-ITU Pty Ltd 2002, Plastic Shopping Bags – Analysis of Levies and Environmental Impacts, prepared for the Department of Environment and Heritage, Canberra

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